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I've tried participating in HaxeJam2022. My third game jam.. The worst one, hehe.

I couldn't do anything. I just didn't do well. I couldn't manage my schedule and I kept waking up far too late... I definitely need more time.. Two weeks maybe? I should try timing myself sometime. Like a game jam where the only person participating is me. Without the pressure of disappointing others. Game jams are definitely NOT for me in the stage that I am right now and I definitely should wait before I try anything else. I just vowed to myself I'll never join a new one again. And I reaaaally hope I listen to myself!

I'll still try and get something out of the little project I had planned. Simply because I got help from two absolutely amazing NG artists and I don't want to disappoint them. It was dumb of me to think I could possibly assemble something worth that art in so little time. Or at all.

I think the idea is kind of neat. It's based on a Flash game I used to play; Penguin Diner. And has a mix of another game; I really don't remember its name. But had to do something with blenders too.

But I have deducted that game jams at such an early stage of my """"career"""" are a brainfuck and just mess with my confidence. And that I should never approach game jams again. Lowrez jam looks so interesting... What a shame I can't art lol.

Seeing fellow Haxe programmers make it to the jam and get something done, even if it's not the best, makes me happy. It must feel so good. Though, so many people give up. And I get why. They have busy lives, and a week is never enough.

If I ever got to host HaxeJam, I'd definitely change the time mark... Cough, Logo >_>

Vacations are gone and I go to work TOMORROW. NOOOOO. But I got to art so much this week. So I'll dump those in the art tab and disappear again. Probably for the better.

Now that we're here, any advice on how to make non-shitty looking floor tiles? Why does it look like chocolate?!iu_712866_9419360.png <- I hate it.

The only thing that turned out okay in this damned project was... The fruit. The damn fruit! Look at it. I did well on that! The rest is ass. But the fruit looks fresh! iu_712867_9419360.png

iu_712868_9419360.png i think

I should really take some pixelart courses. Recommendations? :3

It's the crucial style for videogames. No heavy spritesheets, just tiny pixels assembled. I've tried my best before but I hate how it turned out. My dumass ideas deserve some good pixelart at least! I'll never start developing Colourblind without a decent pixelart first.

My first goal is to settle for a specific res. I can't use tile editors without that! I need a consistent size for each sprite. It suuucks but whatever... It's necessary.

But for now, I'll try to take my time and rather work on things I enjoy developing, such as components and libraries. I have to get accustomed to Haxelib too. Fuck.


Available for Work

Commissions Open!

Hey there! I'm willing to work on digital art commissions!

Will NOT draw:

  • NSFW/explicit nudity.
  • Mecha.
  • Animals.

WILL draw:

  • Furry/anthro.
  • OCs.
  • Personas.
  • Fandom characters.
  • Gore (light or heavy).
  • Icons.

Will MAYBE draw...:

  • Suggestive stuff is on a thin line. I don't mind drawing curvy characters as soon as that isn't the entire focus of the piece. There is nothing inherently sexual about curves, unless you make it so!

Other stuff:

  • I usually work at 2100x2600 canvas size. If you need a specific size, please specify.
  • The work will be exported in .png format. If you want another format (such as JPG or BMP), please specify.
  • By default I don't add backgrounds, but if you wish to add a simple flat coloured background (completely free), tell me!
  • I usually use scratchy pencil-like brushes. If you wish for a specific texture, we can chat it out!
  • I will send watermarked WIPs once I'm done with a certain portion of the drawing, and I will let you know about the progress. Feel free to reach out at any time.
  • The time of delivery depends on what I'm drawing. But expect around 3 days or less!
  • If requested, I can add extra info such as your character's name on the drawing. wish otherwise, please tell me!
  • Once delivered, you may use the artwork as a profile picture, post it, etc without credits. However, I'd greatly appreciate the credit <3
  • I am allowed to refuse a request if I find it uncomfortable to draw. Sorry!

I'll upload a commission ref sheet with examples soon! So far the prices are:

  • No color: $6.
  • Flat color: $8.
  • Full shading: $10.
  • Extra doodles and stickers: $1 each.

Payments are made via PayPal!

Examples of my work are in the art tab of my NG profile. I hope you find what you like! I really appreciate you checking out my stuff. Have a good day! :)


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