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I draw stuff from a lot of different fandoms. I also animate, and code! DM me for art collabs at any time :)

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Hey there. Back on another news post that nobody cares about. This time it's about Fancy Pants and pretty mcuh nostalgia in general.

I just made an entry for the FPA Classic Pack art contest, and it drove me down a rabbit hole. One of those rabbit holes that make you go; dude, the good old days.

I remember being a kid and playing Fancy Pants all the time. I would get so frustrated whenever I lost lol. The map would make me very confused because I wanted to complete everything. Find every hidden door, beat every boss, complete every mission and trainin. Hell, I'd replay every level if I had to just to find a new trophy. And it made me angry when I lost because it was so difficult to find my way back to the challenges LMAO. It was good frustration, though. That one that just feeds you and makes you wanna keep tryin.

And I did! I played everything till World 4 (I think? Vague memories). I played the mobile version, too. I can't quite tell which world is which because bruh. But really I love all of them. From the empty-ish yet wonderful World 1 (and its remix) to the so awaited World 3 and maybe World 4 too. I don't think I played 4, though, as it's pretty recent (2017) and I got very distant from Flash games during that time. However, I still have good memories of all the games.

Bro it felt so good to simply get on my PC after school and play Flash games. Goddamn dude. I miss that shit. It just makes me remember how empty it feels to grow up.

But hey I still hold those memories very dearly and just minutes ago I revived them with a good drawing. Damn proud of that.

What makes you feel this way? This nostalgia, this passion. What inspires this fire in you?